Statuary Roomscene
  • Statuary
  • Calacata Oro
  • Cement Natural
  • Concrete Bone
  • Pietra Beige
  • Pietra Grey
  • Pietra Ivory
  • Almond
  • White
  • White
  • Thin Gauged Porcelain
  • Inside Corner Porcelain Molding

Custom Cut To Size Gauged Porcelain Panel Tub & Shower Surround System


Product Description

Our revolutionary product is custom cut to size at the factory; making it ideal for hotels, multifamily, and other large-scale commercial projects because no on-site cutting is required. This system is designed to fit the majority of shower pans and tubs on the market but we also offer sourcing upon request. Our patent-pending custom matching porcelain inside corner molding allows for out-of-plumb walls, ensuring a clean fit every time. This efficient and labor-saving system reduces costs, time, and job-site footprint all while providing a premium look that is easy to maintain and is a long-lasting surface.

APPLICATION: Hospitality, multi-family, and other large-scale commercial projects.

PANEL SIZES: This is a custom cut to size from the factory. We offer inspiration on best installation practices for various sizes of panels to achieve a particular desired look; full panels, half panels, full panels with filler panels, etc.

BASE OPTIONS: Fits and tub or shower pan.

MATERIAL: Thin Gauged Porcelain

COLOR OPTIONS: Statuary in Sating or Polished Finish, Calacata Oro in Satin or Polished Finish, Concrete Bone in Satin Finish, Cement Natural in Satin Finish, Pietra Beige in a Matte Textured Finish, Pietra Ivory in a Matte Textured Finish, Pietra Grey in a Matte Textured Finish, White with Satin Finish, and Almond with Satin Finish.

The images shown are representative of product and color offerings. Please contact us to receive a sample.

If you would like to order free sample chips visit us on Material Bank.

We specialize in adding style while controlling costs.