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  • Statuary (Satin & Polished Finish)
  • Danby White (Satin & Polished Finish)
  • Calacata White (Satin & Polished Finish)
  • Calacata (Polished Finish)
  • Monalisa (Polished Finish)
  • Grey (Satin Finish)
  • White Subway Color (Satin Finish)
  • White Color (Satin Finish)
  • Almond Subway Tile (Satin Finish)
  • Almond Color (Satin Finish)

Custom Size Gauded Porcelain Panel Tub & Shower System


Product Description

The beauty and benefits of porcelain tile with the ease of installation of a precut panel system. Only Diverse Surface Solutions gauged porcelain panel system truly looks and feels like porcelain tile, because it is. These large porcelain panels all but eliminate messy and hard to maintain grout joints while illuminating the beautiful aesthetics of porcelain tile. Our revolutionary product is precut at the factory to accommodate any size required, making it ideal for hotels, multifamily and other large-scale commercial projects. Our custom matching porcelain moldings (Patent Pending) allow for ”out of square” walls, alleviating the need to cut onsite. This efficient and laborsaving system reduces costs, time, and jobsite footprint. We have an array of preformed bases which provide an option for a tile able or non-tile able pan. We have an array of options for shower pans including preformed tileable pans and acrylic / fiberglass pans.

Height per each panel: min. 40” – max. 100”
Width per each panel: min. 25” – max. 50”
Total panel count per kit: min. 3 – max. 8
(Cut down large panels for tight installation spaces, which will increase
total panel count.)

WALL MATERIAL: Gauged Porcelain

COLOR OPTIONS: Calacata Oro in Satin & Polished Finish, Statuary in Satin & Polished Finish, Grey in Satin & Polished Finish, Monalisa in Satin & Polished Finish, Almond Subway in Satin & Polished Finish, White Subway in Satin & Polished Finish, Almond in Satin & Polished Finish, and White in Satin & Polished Finish.

Images shown are representative of product inventory and offerings. Sizes, colors, prices and availability are subject to change. Please contact us for additional product or ordering related information.

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