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As a privately owned supplier and fabricator of thin gauged porcelain, Diverse Surface Solutions collaborates with retail, hospitality, and multi-occupancy customers across North America as a Distributor. Our responsive problem-solving culture offers a unique combination of value, style, and innovation.

With a background in commercial construction, we frequently received questions from hospitality ownership groups on how to remodel outdated hotel guestroom tubs to the modern walk-in shower bathroom feature and improve upon look, design, and installation efficiency of the existing solutions in the market. This is how Diverse Surface Solutions was born.

Beautiful real porcelain. Install in 3 hours or less. Impervious to water and easy to maintain. Great for designers, installers and owners.

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“From installation to cosmetics, this is the best shower solution we have ever seen enter the market. For one, it is real porcelain tile and for a standard shower, it only takes 4 panels for full coverage plus the inside corner trim pieces which were designed to hide any inconsistencies on the walls if they are out of plumb. We ended up receiving the award for the AC Marriott job in Charlotte and after completion of almost 200 units, we must say that we are thoroughly pleased. These new panel systems saved us a ton of labor time compared to the other product in the market and they really look phenomenal. Hoping to install more in the future.”

-Mike Byrnes & Jowl Poindexter, Fine Design Building