Whether renovation or new construction, Diverse Surface Solutions Gauged Porcelain Panel Shower and Tub kits help home owners, designers, and contractors strike the perfect balance between quality, beauty, and value for a bathroom. As hard surfaces experts, our deep experience in hospitality and multi-occupancy projects makes your job easier – and the outcome better.

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Unlike other hard surfaces shower wall kit providers, our walls are made of large thin-gauged porcelain panels. Our kits make sure you stay on budget and schedule with quick no-cutting installation process.

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Real Porcelain Panels, no grout lines or composite material.

Strong, durable, scratch resistant, stain resistant porcelain

Simple & Quick

Patent pending inside corner
molders for a great look &
ease of installation with
out of plumb walls

Fits showers &
Bathtub alcoves

Impervious surface,
easy to clean to eliminate

No cutting necessary
for installation

Available in many
colors and finishes